6 Ways to Stop Piling Caused by Your Skincare and Makeup

6 Ways to Stop Piling Caused by Your Skincare and Makeup

It's a strange phenomenon that mostly affects knitwear, but pilling can also affect your cashmere and skincare products, causing your pricey skin serum or designer foundation to literally roll off your face. When you have a life to live, it is not acceptable and is incredibly frustrating.

It even occurs to makeup artists am aware that I occasionally struggle when using a cream formula over a silicone-based product, but I am unsure of the scientific basis for why skincare and makeup products pill. When that happens, please share some tips for preventing pilling and explain the main causes.


Allow Your Products to Completely Absorb

The quickest way to make skin pill is to apply skincare products on top of one another too quickly without giving them time to absorb. Although it can be easy to become impatient, it's crucial to wait until each product has had a chance to fully absorb before moving on to the next. Give each product at least a few minutes, as per our advice.


You're Applying Skincare Products.

As previously stated, applying skincare quickly doesn't increase the likelihood that it will ball up; instead, overly vigorous rubbing can result in skincare and makeup products pilling, especially if they contain silicone, hyaluronic acid, or mineral sunscreens.

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Applying Skincare in The Proper Sequence

Applying lightest to heaviest is your best bet for optimum absorption if your skincare regimen includes several serums. Here's a quick breakdown of how to apply your skincare products: cleanse, tone/essential oil, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, then any oils.


Avoid Using Too Much Product.

The adage "less is more" has never been truer than it is when it comes to skincare. Your skin won't be able to absorb all of the beauty products that you apply in greater amounts than is necessary. The additional product creates a second layer on the skin, which causes you guessed it product pilling. A foolproof strategy is to start with less product than usual and add more as necessary.


Verify The Compatibility of Your Products.

When discussing the foundation of your products, consistency is crucial. Both products with an oil base and a water base do not mix well, just like oil and water do not. It's important to maintain a consistent base, especially when it comes to products for your base and complexion, such as moisturizer, foundation, and SPF.


Often Exfoliate

The accumulation of dead skin cells is just as likely to cause skin pilling, so it might turn out that products aren't the issue after all. Without the dreaded pilling, an efficient exfoliation method can help even out skin texture, smooth out rough patches, and create the perfect canvas for skincare and makeup application. Simply be careful not to overdo it; once or twice per week should be sufficient.


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